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Get privacy and style with a single touch. Take your presentations and entertainment to the next level.

Turns any glass from opaque to transparent by applying the film.

They are increasingly in demand due to their privacy features and sophisticated ambience.

We provide the supporting products and the client decides what to distribute.

The display is hidden behind a mirror. It is only visible when required.

Applications of smart enclosures

Welcome to the world of privacy


Our polymer iTecVision Film resists direct sun exposure and maintains high transparency characteristics when turned on with a very light gray tone and a very subtle gray color when turned off.

In addition to its excellent features in terms of privacy, it also offers excellent thermal insulation with the consequent energy savings.

It brings to the world of architects new possibilities to create and propose to clients more open spaces whilst maintaining their privacy.

Saving energy and protecting the environment.

This grey color may be suitable for different decorative styles and places.

Other products

Holograms with banners, totems, wall, ceiling or display cases.

We propose two touch technologies: PCAP and infrared.

It is composed of pixels by means of LED modules or panels.

It is a glass wall screen with an infrastructure.

With an infrared frame the glass can be tactile up to 300 inches.

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