Smart TV mirrors. We convert your mirror on a screen!

Traditionally, two elements as common as televisions and mirrors have lived separately, decorating uniformly or independently the walls of any home, office, business or public place.

Now, thanks to iTecVision these elements can get to maintain a closer relationship than ever. We combine two elements as different as mirrors and televisions in a single piece.

It can be embedded in the wall, thus it will gain space in the room.

The result of this union is a television that, when it is switched off, behaves like a mirror and, otherwise, displays the desired image on the screen.

You can access the most current TV services and the network, such as movie rentals, YouTube and Internet access thanks to the multitouch function, as if it were a giant phone.

iTecVision have managed to change conventional advertising!

The world is evolving, and so does advertising we have known so far; static messages are converted into dynamic messages.

From iTecVision we transform static advertising into something alive, in movement. You can touch advertising, feel it, live it, have it at your finger(Multitouch Infrared). There are no limits, you tell us where and we tell you how.

We offer you the latest technology, which is more advanced than video walls and LED screens and also more adaptable.

iTecVision was born from the idea of meeting, both effectively and accurately, the needs of each client.