Why do you have to visit iTecVision in VETECO GLASS?

VETECO is the International Show of the Window, of the Façade and Sun Protection Systems.
From 13-16 NOVEMBER 2018.

iTecVision is a digital signage company that opens a new market in architecture, domotics and dynamic advertising.

It transforms a transparent space into opaque, with a simple switch and becomes a showcase in an advertising screen.

Smart glass are now within reach thanks to iTecVision Film whose polymer is a self-adhesive. Easy to install without changing existing windows.

With the arrival of iTecVision in Spain, the revolution in architecture, home automation and advertising emerged

The showcase is not only a showcase, the walls are not just walls.

Forget the traditional windows/showcases where the glass and the mannequin were the only elements that made it up, with iTecVision, the mannequin disappears and the glass comes alive.

You can choose between having a transparent showcase, making it opaque and transforming it into a window open to the world where you can project everything you want to transmit.

Inside the houses and offices the partitions become open spaces, simply by pressing a switch, as explained by Diego Alarcón, iTecVision CEO, the physical and commercial spaces.

Smart Windows. A Revolution for Privacy and Projection!

ITecVision Film is an advanced product that has the particularity of instantly changing from a state of transparency to a state of opacity through electricity.

The polymer consists of two PVC sheets that contain liquid crystals inside.

It contains, on one of its surfaces, a SELF ADHESIVE that is applied on straight or curved windows.

The market for privacy opens up, thanks to this product that changes the ergonomics of offices, houses, public and private places.

Our polymer also allows us to obtain a new platform for video projections or high definition images adapted to the world of Retails, museums, airports, shopping malls, hotels, houses, etc.