Rear projection and digital solutions

Use your shop window as an advertising screen

Imagine being able to change your shop window from transparent to opaque with a single touch? With iTecVision®, this is not only possible, but surprisingly easy.

    • Creative Flexibility: Alternate between a traditional and a dynamic window display in the same space. Showcase vibrant images, captivating videos or text messages in an impressive way.
    • Total Control: You choose the content. Our switchable smartglass film transforms any transparent space into an opaque screen perfect for high-quality projections.
    • Visual Impact Guaranteed: Capture the attention of your customers like never before. Ideal for shops, exhibitions, or any commercial space.

With iTecVision®, your shop window becomes an unforgettable experience!

Find out how iTecVision® can revolutionise your space – contact us today and take the first step towards a showcase that makes an impact!


Rear projection and digital solutions

Transform your Showcase with iTecVision®: Innovation in Visual Advertising

Advertising at your fingertips with iTecVision®

Say goodbye to traditional and static advertising media! iTecVision® gives you the power to control your advertising dynamically and effectively.

Advertising Autonomy

With iTecVision®, you have total control. Display your advertising directly from your computer or via remote control, without depending on third parties.

Dynamic and Attractive Space

Our smart glasses transform your showcase into a living screen. Advertise your brands and products in a unique and eye-catching way.

Additional Income

Take advantage of the opportunity to earn additional income from your suppliers by displaying their ads in their dynamic space.

Quality certificates

Two Innovative Solutions

Our self-adhesive films can be easily placed on the outside of existing glass, meeting the highest safety standards.

iTecVision® Glass is a laminated glass that incorporates our smart vinyls, offering an integrated and elegant solution.

A Showcase That Captivates and Converts

With iTecVision®, your showcase not only attracts attention, but becomes a powerful marketing and sales tool.

Discover the power of iTecVision® and bring your storefront to life today!

Why use glass with rear projection screens?

Using glass with rear projection screens offers several key benefits:

They capture attention with sharp, bright images, which is essential for advertising and the presentation of information.

They can switch between being transparent and opaque, allowing the same space to be used for different purposes, such as displaying information or ensuring privacy.

They allow you to display a wide range of content, from advertisements to educational or entertainment information, and can be easily updated.

They eliminate the need for additional display devices, integrating into the existing architecture.

They are generally more efficient in terms of energy consumption compared to traditional displays.

They create interactive and immersive experiences for users, improving their engagement with the content.

What applications do glass have with rear-projection screens?

Glasses with rear projection screens, such as those offered by iTecVision®, have a wide range of applications in various sectors due to their versatility and ability to transform ordinary spaces into dynamic visual experiences. Here are some applications in the mentioned sectors:


Rear Projection for Traditional Shops

They can use these crystals to display product advertising, special offers or relevant information to customers. This technology helps capture the attention of passers-by and improve the shopping experience.

Shopping Centers

Rear Projection for Shopping Centres

Ideal for displaying interactive maps, event announcements, and advertisements for the center’s stores. They can also be used to create artistic or informational installations that enhance the visitor experience.

Hospitals and Clinics

Rear projection for Hospitals and Clinics

They can be used to display important information for patients and visitors, such as hours, available services, or health and safety instructions. They can also be used to create a calmer and more pleasant atmosphere in waiting rooms.

Museums and Conservatories

Rear Projection for Museums and Conservatories

Rear projection glass is revolutionising the way museums and conservatories display their collections and transmit knowledge.

Banks and airports

Rear Projection for Banks and Airports

Rear projection glass is transforming the customer experience in banks and airports, providing a modern and efficient form of visual communication.

Amusement Parks

Rear Projection for Amusement Parks

These crystals can be used to improve signage, display wait times at attractions, provide information about shows and events, or even be integrated into the attractions themselves to create immersive experiences.

Infrared frames and lasers transform glass into touch screens and interactive whiteboards. These frames emit a network of infrared rays around the glass, detecting interruptions such as touches. The applications thus offer a new generation of modern tables with in educational and commercial environments, and touch screens for information and advertising in public spaces. This technology improves user interaction, offers versatility in applications, and aesthetically integrates into different environments, optimizing functionality and user experience.

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