Smart vinyls, also known as Smart Vinyls, represent a revolution in the management of light and privacy in interior spaces. These innovative devices use PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology to offer a versatile and elegant solution combining functionality and aesthetics.


Essentially, a smart vinyl acts as an adaptive light controller. Its ability to change state, from transparent to opaque, is based on the principle of reorganization of liquid crystal molecules through the application of an electric current. When the device is turned off, the molecules dispersed in the polymer generate an opaque appearance, but not completely dark. Although it does not completely replace traditional blinds in terms of complete light blocking, it provides an effective level of privacy and a modern aesthetic.

The operation is simple but effective. By connecting the smart vinyl to an electrical power source, the liquid crystal molecules align in parallel, allowing light to pass through the film and achieve a transparent effect. This adaptability makes smart vinyl the ideal choice for spaces that require both light and privacy.

These innovative smart vinyls come in two main forms: laminated and self-adhesive. The laminated version is placed between two glass panels and undergoes a special lamination process that ensures airtightness and transforms the panels into smart glass. On the other hand, self-adhesive vinyl has a substrate that adheres directly to already installed glass surfaces, transforming them into smart glass without requiring complicated installations.

What are the latest smart vinyl sales?

These innovative products offer a series of notable features that have more to do with the basic functionality of controlling light and privacy. Continuing, we note some of the main smart vinyl vents:

  1. Energy and Ecological Efficiency:

One of the most removed aspects of smart vinyl is capable of contributing to the energy efficiency of your office. To regulate the amount of solar light that enters the space, these vinyls can significantly reduce the need for air conditioning in the green and heating in winter. To reduce the thermal charge, you will find a more comfortable environment and reduce energy consumption, so that you only benefit from the average environment, even if it is bigger.

  1. Estética Moderna y Limpia:

With the incorporation of smart vinyl, we eliminate the traditional Persian and cortinas that, when combined with its function, can affect the aesthetic appearance of a home. Smart vinyls offer an elegant and minimalist solution for light control and privacy. The surface of the crystals is kept clear and free from visual obstructions, which contributes to a modern and orderly appearance.

  1. Adaptability Practice:

A factor that differs from smart vinyl is its versatility and ease of installation. The opaque Smart Film can be applied directly to existing crystals. Thanks to its adhesive cap, it integrates perfectly with the surface of the glass, thereby avoiding the need to replace the crystals. This characteristic does not require time and money, but it also reduces the hassle of making structural changes.

  1. Visual Control and Comfort Light:

Smart vinyl allows you to have natural light throughout the day without the inconvenience of lighting. Additionally, the option to adjust the darkness depends on personal preferences. This can be logged through a conventional switch, the home automation of the space or including mobile devices. The ability to adapt the cantidad of light that enters a home to individual needs contributes to greater comfort and well-being.

  1. Heritage Protection:

The intense solar light can be detrimental to furniture, art objects and other objects in a home. Smart vinyl blocks up to 99% of UV rays, protecting valuable elements from discoloration and damage caused by prolonged exposure to the ground. This preservation function is especially relevant in spaces with artistic elements or delicate furniture.

Smart Vinyl Applications

Smart vinyls, based on liquid crystals dispersed in polymers, are an innovation that is revolutionizing many areas. Its versatility offers applications in:

  • Smart vinyls for windows: they modernize windows and advertising screens, capturing the public’s attention thanks to an overhead projector.
  • Smart vinyls for events and exhibitions: they increase interaction during exhibitions and product launches, creating unique environments.
  • Smart vinyls for offices: They bring modernity to meeting rooms, preserving privacy and natural light.
  • House: From windows to partitions, they adapt privacy and light.

Characteristics of smart vinyls

Smart vinyls are versatile products with exceptional features:

  1. One-Click Transformation: These vinyls have the ability to change a common glass on a wall with just one click, which means they can change its state from opaque to transparent and vice versa quickly and easily.
  2. No need for work: There is no need to carry out expensive work to install them, as most of the time they are applied in the form of self-adhesive smart vinyls. This makes it an economical and easy to install option.
  3. Energy efficiency: Although it requires electricity to operate, its consumption is minimal. In opaque mode, they can filter sunlight, preventing damage and contributing to energy savings by contributing to indoor climate control.
  4. Preferred Indoor Use: Although they are very effective in outdoor spaces, their use on exterior glass is not recommended, as they may not be as effective in extreme weather conditions.

How do smart vinyls work?

Smart vinyls go from opaque to transparent by aligning liquid crystal particles in response to electricity. When off, the particles spread out, making them opaque, while when on, the particles align and allow light to pass through, making them transparent. This allows them to function as a sort of privacy switch on windows and surfaces without requiring expensive work.


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