Intelligent glass or, as they are also known, Smart Glass, are increasingly in demand due to their benefits in terms of privacy and the sophisticated and elegant environment they provide.


For years we have been working with Smart Glass, providing modernity and functionality both in domestic and work spaces.


If you are interested in acquiring any of our smart glass solutions, we are ready to advise you.

How smart glass work

A Intelligent glass or Smart Glass is an opaque glass that becomes transparent whenever you want, just by pressing a button.

Electrochromic glass are the same as Intelligent glass or Smart Glass.


Electrochromic or Smart Glass is composed of a sheet of PDLC or glass liquid that is placed between two glass.


Our iTecVision Glass film laminated inside double glazing allows it to be converted into intelligent glass or Smart Glass. The molecules that make up liquid glass move when electricity is applied to them, also creating opacity that prevents the passage of light. As a result, we get an opaque glass that becomes transparent with the passage of electricity.


iTecVision Glass  is available as custom to measure and also in a wide range of sizes and shapes. It can be ordered from small dimensions up to 1800mm x 3200mm for various applications.


The glass can be turned into a huge rear projection screen on which you can display television images, videos or corporate presentations.

The Smart Glass we work with at iTecVision have different opacity control methods to satisfy various needs:


  • Infrared touch panels
  • Home automation systems
  • Wall switches
  • Remote control
  • Remote controls
  • With mobile phone
  • Temporizadores
  • Timers
  • Virtual sound systems


Based on all this, at iTecVision we work on different solutions that adapt to the needs of each case.

Our extensive experience over the years has helped us detect what those needs are in order to anticipate and offer them directly to you.


Some of the solutions we work on are:


  • Electrochromic glass of different thicknesses to better adapt to the place where it is going to be placed and to increase acoustic insulation
  • Double or triple glazed for greater security
  • Solar control to control the amount of natural light that enters the room
  • Anti-glare to avoid discomfort inside
  • Bulletproof glass for business windows
  • Curved panels for modern spaces
  • Colored laminated glass to provide different ambients


If you need it, tell us about your case and we will find which is the best combination.

In addition, iTecVision Smart Glass is offered as smart laminated glass, that is, it increases security compared to other smart glass on the market.


And it is not only a much more durable glass but also safer, especially for places with a lot of traffic where there is a risk of accident.

It can be placed next to glass panels without the need for vertical profiles, which facilitates installation and enables the creation of spaces with a more modern and open character as long as UNE – EN standards and framed IPX7 seals are respected, avoiding possible accidents.

Why count on us


Count on us because we have extensive experience in smart glass, which allows us to advise you correctly on your projects and recommend the best options.

Count on us because we have an international shipping service and we deliver the material with the best conditions wherever you are in the hands of professionals who know how to treat the product.

Count on us because we offer you a dedicated and professional after-sales service: we don’t forget about you after the purchase.
You will notice the difference.

Benefits of Smart Glass


The Smart Glass have advantages that our customers and distributors experience every day.


  • They are ecological since they reduce the cost of both heating and air conditioning, which also contributes to savings.
  • They can serve as overhead projectors to view videos, images or presentations, whether in a personal or work environment.
  • They favor a minimalist aesthetic by eliminating the need for blinds and curtains, giving the space elegance and sophistication.
  • They are easy to clean and, furthermore, they do not store bacteria as it happens in blinds or curtains.
  • They make the most of natural light and allow you to manage the intensity and shadows so that the one you want enters.
  • They protect furniture as they block UV rays that are responsible for fading over time.
Antes y despues cristal opaco inteligente

Price of Smart Glass


The price of smart glass depends on many variables, so it is not possible to provide a figure without knowing the factors.

For example, the iTecVision Glass can be ordered to measure and with different sizes and shapes, in addition to all the variants that we have commented a little above.

We make international shipments and we can advise you on the installation.

Contact us now and we will give you a budget without obligation.

Smart Glass Applications


There are many applications that smart glass has, as we have been able to verify throughout our years of experience working with Smart Glass.

The variants of types of glass that we offer at iTecVision can help you place smart glass where you need it without problems.

Remember that you can contact us so that we can advise you on the best solution according to your circumstances and offer you additional and detailed information.

Here are some of the uses of Smart Glass:


  • Hospitals and medical clinics, especially due to the sterile and easy-to-clean nature of the smart glass that prevents the proliferation of bacteria.
  • Private homes where you want to take advantage of natural light and provide privacy at the same time.
  • Offices, since they allow you to alternate open and bright spaces with moments of privacy for meetings, for example, or to separate work environments.
  • Museums, cultural halls and leisure venues, not only to define spaces in a discreet and minimalist way, but also to use them as screens on which to project animations, small introductory videos, etc.
  • Shop windows, due to the fact that smart windows are more durable and safe. Additionally, the opacity and projection options offer many creative possibilities for displaying products.
  • Public transport. Windows with smart glass allow passengers to have privacy inside the train, ship, car, etc., to which is added security against breakage.
  • Advertising in different areas: screens, product launches, exhibitions…
  • Shower partitions. We manufacture shower or bathroom screens under installation criteria that respect UNE-EN standards, sealed with IPX7 and framed with perimeter profiles.


As you can see, smart glass for windows has applications in different areas, which is why they represent a practical and safe solution in many situations, both at home and at work.



At ItecVision we want to clear all your doubts so that you can decide on the digital advertising product that best suits your needs, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you without any commitment.


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